Strikes And Spares Semiconductor produces new LED watch modules for vintage LED watches. LED modules are on hand for Pulsar ®, Omega ® and Hamilton ® and Synchronar ® LED watches. We are also experienced in repairing original LED modules and are able to connect damaged wire bonds. Commercial semiconductor service is available through Specialized in locating all kinds of vintage chips worldwide.We stock 68XX and 65XX series chips. XTLic also provides automatic gold ball bonding to connect die and circuit board.StrikesAndSpares United States arranges LED watch module swap for our customers in America. Our service point in California also provides professional LED watch restoration. Do not send your non - worker overseas, we repair the module and restore it to as-new condition in your country! StrikesAndSpares Pinball division offers new boards and original, repaired vintage modules for pinball and coin op machines. We also stock the most common ICs for your arcade game. If you need help with your non - working game please contact our pinball division in Stuttgart / Germany.Flipper Pinball LED Uhren Uhr Pulsar Omega eproms MPU Bally IC 6800 strikes spares and watches module r6532p riot 6532 6502 cpu mpu 6522 r6502p 5101 static ram mc6800p mc6802p mc6821p mc6810p f9602pc mc6803p mc6808p mc6809p as2518 executive date command modules sale kaufen suche search buy verkaufen rockwell motorola reparieren mpu as2518-35 as2518-17 2518 system1 system80 gottlieb bally led watch repair pinball board repair flipper reparieren spinnen ic spider ic pps4/2 mpu 11660 10696 10789 10788 10696ea system 1 system 80 Reparatur r6503p 6503 ca3081 f9602pc 3081 9602 fairchild flipperreparatur austauschplatinen platinenreparatur pinball technical help early electronics, R6530P, R6530, ULN2803, 10696CE, 10696CF, 10696CD, 10696EF, EF6821, R6520P, EF68B21, 68B00, MC68B00, reparaturanleitung, reparaturhilfe platinen kaufen, austauschplatine replacement unit, say it again, centaur reverb module, gottlieb, bally, circuit intégré, Nicole´s Nicole's, petra, james bond, sandra, lyssa, flashgordon, samantha